Okey Bakassi expresses sorrow over the death of Mr Ibu, questioning how someone who brought laughter and joy could meet such a fate

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Okey Bakassi

Actor and comedian Okey Bakassi poured out his heart in a touching tribute to his late colleague, Mr Ibu, expressing deep emotions as he reminisced about their cherished moments together.

In an Instagram post shared on Friday, Bakassi reflected on the immense joy and laughter that Mr Ibu brought not only to him but also to countless others worldwide.

Accompanying his heartfelt words was a compilation of memorable scenes featuring Mr Ibu from their shared movies, serving as a poignant reminder of the comedic genius they both shared.

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“John Nwaokafor, Mazi Ibu, Nwoke m, stop this expensive joke abeg. Death no fit you. Bro, I dey Canada hear say you don die, I no believe am. So it’s true? You left me speechless bro,” Bakassi wrote, his grief palpable in every word.

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He continued, “How can someone who brings so much laughter and joy just die? I no understand this now. Ibu once you enter someone, happiness dey dey, things dey change people go know say you don come.”

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Recalling a poignant visit to Mr Ibu at the Military Hospital in Ikoyi, Bakassi shared the bittersweet memory of their shared laughter despite the somber circumstances. He expressed his devastation at seeing his friend in such a state, fervently wishing for his recovery.

“I remember when I came to see you at the Military Hospital in Ikoyi, despite your situation, we still managed to share jokes like we always do but I left that hospital feeling devastated because person like you no suppose dey hospital, the stage is where you belong,” Bakassi lamented.

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In a final farewell, Bakassi bid Mr Ibu, Mazi Okafor, a peaceful rest, his words echoing the sentiments of grief felt by many who were touched by the comedic legend’s talent and warmth.

“John Ibu, Mazi Okafor, rest in peace my brother,” he concluded, honoring the memory of a beloved friend and colleague whose laughter-filled legacy will forever live on.

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