Iyabo Ojo taunts Lizzy Anjorin amid accusations of theft at Lagos market

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Actress Iyabo Ojo wasted no time in poking fun at her fellow actress Lizzy Anjorin amid allegations swirling around Lizzy’s purported involvement in a gold theft scandal at a bustling market on Lagos Island.

A video capturing the tense confrontation between Lizzy and irate vendors quickly made its rounds on the internet, sparking a flurry of reactions and speculation. In response, Iyabo Ojo took to her Instagram account, where she shared a video featuring a dancing cartoon character from DreamWorks’ Madagascar, accompanied by a lively Fuji song.

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Adding to the jab, the background music was sourced from a video featuring Fola Tinubu, the estranged wife of Lizzy’s husband. Iyabo punctuated her post with multiple laughing emojis, clearly relishing the opportunity to join in on the online banter.

Not content with just one jab, Iyabo Ojo followed up with another post, this time featuring herself enjoying a drink, accompanied by the hashtag “Justice for Iyabo Ojo.” Dancing merrily in the video, Iyabo further fueled the amusement surrounding the situation.

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The post attracted a chorus of laughter from Iyabo’s followers, including her partner Paulo Okoye, fellow actresses Nkechi Blessing, Princess Comedian, and Remi Surutu, all joining in on the lighthearted mockery.

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Meanwhile, Lizzy Anjorin took to her own Instagram account to set the record straight, sharing her side of the story. In a video posted on Monday night, Lizzy recounted her previous visit to the vendor’s shop in November 2023, explaining that her husband had made the payment, which initially went unacknowledged by the vendor. Despite eventually receiving confirmation of the payment, Lizzy found herself once again embroiled in controversy upon her return to the market, as she was confronted and accused of fraud by the same vendor and others.

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The ongoing feud between Iyabo and Lizzy, fueled by past allegations and animosity, has provided ample fodder for online entertainment, with each actress taking jabs at the other amidst the unfolding drama.

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