State media confirms the death of Iran’s president and others in a helicopter crash

Iranian state media reported that President Ebrahim Raisi tragically died on Monday after his helicopter crashed in a mountainous region. While the government has yet

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Wreckage of missing Malawi VP’s plane found with no survivors, says Military

Search teams in Malawi have located the wreckage of a plane carrying Vice President Saulos Chilima, a military source reported

Howard University has revoked Diddy’s honorary degree and others following the surfacing of an assault video

Howard University in Washington, D.C. has taken decisive action, announcing the revocation of Sean Combs' honorary degree, popularly known as

The Israeli military successfully retrieves four Israeli captives from Gaza

In a daring daylight operation, the Israeli military executed a complex rescue mission in Gaza on Saturday, liberating four Israeli

Taiwan, a U.S. ally, vows defense as China showcases military power

On Thursday, China initiated a series of military exercises encircling Taiwan with naval vessels and aircraft, aimed at penalizing the


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