Vandals wreak havoc on power infrastructure in Abuja, causing a significant 250MW drop in electricity supply

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Transmission Company of Nigeria

The Nigerian Transmission Company, Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), made a troubling announcement on Wednesday, revealing the vandalism of Tower 70 along its 330kV Gwagwalada-Katampe line. This act of sabotage has left the tower dangerously grounded, posing a significant threat to the integrity of the transmission network.

According to TCN’s statement, the incident occurred late on the 26th of February, 2024, around 11:32 pm, when the Gwagwalada-Katampe Transmission line experienced a trip at the Gwagwalada Transmission Substation. Despite attempts at reclosure by TCN operators, the situation persisted, prompting a physical patrol of the line. Upon inspection, the TCN team discovered that vandals had severely damaged the tower footings of Tower 70, causing it to collapse and rest on the ground, supported only by the conductors.

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This brazen act of vandalism has not only compromised the safety of the transmission infrastructure but has also resulted in a significant reduction in bulk power supply flexibility, leading to a 250MW decrease in power supply to Abuja.

In response to the emergency, TCN has swiftly mobilized to the site of the incident and commenced urgent repair work on the damaged tower and associated equipment. Emphasizing the importance of collective vigilance against vandalism, TCN reiterated the need for prompt reporting of any suspicious activities around power equipment to security agencies or TCN offices nationwide.

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This unfortunate incident follows a similar act of vandalism last December when TCN’s Gwagwalada-Kukwaba-Apo 132KV Transmission Line 1 was attacked by suspected vandals. The line suffered significant damage between Tower 23 and Tower 25, disrupting bulk power supply and necessitating immediate investigation and repair efforts by TCN linesmen.

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Such acts of vandalism not only undermine the reliability of the power transmission network but also pose a threat to the nation’s economic stability and development efforts. TCN urges the public to remain vigilant and collaborate in safeguarding critical power infrastructure against such malicious activities.

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