Kaduna State Governor Highlights Government’s Efforts in Addressing Insecurity and Other Challenges

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Kaduna State Governor: Uba Sani

Kaduna State Governor, Uba Sani, has offered reassurance to residents, affirming his administration’s collaboration with the Federal Government to address the prevalent challenges, notably insecurity, and others affecting the populace.

During the Sallah Durbar celebration at the Emir of Zazzau’s Palace in Zaria, following the Eid prayer, Governor Sani urged citizens to reflect on the lessons of Ramadan for the advancement of peace and prosperity in the state.

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Addressing the gathering, he emphasized the collective efforts in tackling various challenges, especially insecurity, through close collaboration with stakeholders and the federal government.

“While we face challenges, particularly insecurity, we are diligently working alongside stakeholders and federal authorities to address them,” Governor Sani stated. “Additionally, we are actively addressing other obstacles hindering our progress. I urge our citizens to remain steadfast in contributing to the advancement of our beloved state.”

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The Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Ahmed Bamalli, echoed appreciation for the concerted efforts of the Federal and Kaduna State Governments, as well as security agencies, in maintaining peace. He applauded the successful joint operation that led to the rescue of abducted Kuriga schoolchildren.

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Furthermore, he lauded the commendable initiatives for the resettlement of the Tudun Biri community and extended gratitude to Islamic clerics for their role in fostering peace during Ramadan through special prayers.

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