Eniola Aluko expressed concerns for her safety due to social media abuse

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The football analyst and ex-England striker disclosed her initiation of legal proceedings against Barton, emphasizing the perils of online abuse. She expressed concerns that such issues might escalate to the point where a female broadcaster could be driven to consider taking her own life.

Aluko shared these sentiments openly in a 15-minute Instagram video, underscoring her vulnerability and acknowledging her fears during the past week.


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A post shared by Eniola Aluko MBE (@enialuko)

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“I’ve genuinely experienced fear throughout this week. I refrained from leaving my residence until Friday, and I am currently overseas.

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It is crucial to emphasize that online abuse has a direct impact on one’s safety, affecting one’s real-life sense of security. This week, I felt under threat, as if something might happen to me. I share this not to elicit sympathy but to convey the reality of the profound impact that hate speech, racism, sexism, and misogyny have on females involved in the game and sports broadcasting.

This is not an isolated incident but indicative of a culture emerging in the game, perpetuated by specific fan bases and individuals. They are fostering an environment where people hesitate to go to work, fear leaving their homes, and sense an ongoing threat, leading to significant repercussions on mental health.

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Although Eni Aluko did not explicitly mention the name of the former Manchester City player, she accused him of being sexist, racist, misogynistic, and having a history of violence. She drew attention to the late television presenter Caroline Flack’s tragic suicide in 2020 while expressing her concerns.

Aluko stressed that actions such as racism, sexism, and online threats have legal consequences and are not protected as free speech. Seeking legal advice, she has decided on a course of action in response to the incidents of the past week.

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Expressing genuine concern, Aluko highlighted the potential risk that the next victim of such abuse could take their own life if decisive measures are not taken to halt this pattern. She underscored that sexism, racism, and misogyny are not matters of opinion or freedom of speech but are violations of the law that demand urgent attention and intervention.”

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