Emefiele considers legal action against Akpabio for N25 billion in damages following alleged defamation

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Former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele, has issued a stern warning to Senate President Godswill Akpabio, demanding an apology or facing legal action for alleged defamation, with damages amounting to a whopping N25 billion.

The contentious issue arose after Akpabio’s recent remarks in Rivers State, where he implied that Emefiele’s misdeeds were so extensive that even the administration of President Bola Tinubu was perplexed about which charges to press against him.

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In a letter penned by Emefiele’s legal representative, Mathew Burkaa (SAN), dated February 19 and disclosed to the media on Wednesday, Emefiele accused Akpabio’s statement of tarnishing his image, suggesting he was solely responsible for Nigeria’s prevailing hardships.

The missive elucidated the damaging implications of Akpabio’s remarks, portraying Emefiele as the mastermind behind the nation’s woes and casting doubt on his integrity. Emefiele contended that such assertions not only undermined the court’s integrity but also jeopardized his ongoing legal proceedings.

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Pointing out that he had already pleaded not guilty to charges laid against him, Emefiele emphasized the impropriety of Akpabio’s comments, especially considering the matter was sub judice.

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Moreover, Emefiele underscored that without the endorsement of the president or the Federal Executive Council, in which Akpabio was a member, he could not have taken any unilateral action.

Consequently, Emefiele demanded a retraction of Akpabio’s statement and an unequivocal written apology to be disseminated through the same channels used to defame him. Additionally, he sought N25 billion in damages as compensation for the unwarranted besmirching of his reputation.

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Should Akpabio fail to comply with these demands, Emefiele indicated his intention to pursue legal recourse to uphold his rights under Nigerian law.

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