Authorities urge Nigerians to remain vigilant as the death toll from Lassa fever reaches 162

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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a concerning update on the surge of Lassa Fever cases, reporting a total of 162 deaths in 2024.

Urging public vigilance, the agency emphasized the importance of adhering to safety protocols and promptly reporting any symptoms to local health authorities.

According to the latest data released via its official website, Nigeria witnessed a notable spike in Lassa Fever cases, with 10 confirmed cases reported across four states during the week spanning from May 20 to May 26.

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Lassa Fever, an acute viral hemorrhagic illness, is primarily transmitted through contact with contaminated food, household items, or infected persons.

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Its symptoms range from fever, headache, sore throat, and weakness to more severe manifestations such as unexplained bleeding from various body openings.

The NCDC highlighted a significant increase in confirmed cases compared to the same period in 2023, with a total of 897 confirmed cases and 162 deaths recorded in 2024, marking a case fatality rate of 18.1 percent.

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The affected states include Ondo, Bauchi, Edo, and Plateau, which collectively account for 65 percent of confirmed cases. Notably, Ondo State reported the highest percentage of cases at 25 percent, followed by Edo at 22 percent, and Bauchi at 18 percent.

Individuals between the ages of 31 and 40 have been predominantly affected by the disease, although no health workers were infected during the reporting week.

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The rising numbers underscore the urgency for heightened surveillance and preventive measures nationwide. The NCDC reaffirmed its commitment to contact tracing, implementing control measures, and working closely with state health authorities to contain the spread of the disease.

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The National Lassa Fever Multi-partner, Multi-sectoral Technical Working Group continues to lead the coordinated response efforts at all levels, ensuring a unified and comprehensive approach to combating the outbreak.

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