Workers in Ondo State commence protest against hardship

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In a resolute display of dissent, hundreds of civil servants have flooded the streets of Akure, the bustling capital of Ondo State, on Tuesday, spurred by the prevailing economic hardships gripping the nation.

Acting upon directives from the national echelons of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the civil servants have orchestrated a peaceful protest, commandeering the major thoroughfares of the city while echoing fervent solidarity chants.

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Brandishing placards emblazoned with poignant messages such as “End the Hunger, Lower Food Prices,” “Revitalize Local Refineries, Cease Oil Subsidies,” “Empower the Poor, Tax the Rich,” and “Halt Naira Devaluation, Promote Local Industries,” among others, the demonstrators amplify their collective voice against the myriad tribulations afflicting the populace.

Amidst the sea of protesters, a vigilant presence of security operatives permeates the streets, a stern deterrent against potential opportunists seeking to hijack the peaceful assembly.

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As the throngs of civil servants continue their impassioned march, the nation awaits with bated breath for the unfolding developments.

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