NLC Commences Protest in Ogun State

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Amidst the echoing cries of discontent, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Ogun State has united with its nationwide counterparts to protest the relentless hardship inflicted by the removal of fuel subsidies, exacerbating the already soaring prices of essential commodities, especially food.

The NLC leadership emphasized that the planned two-day rally, set for today and tomorrow, aims to compel both federal and state authorities to address the pressing issues of insecurity, hunger, and the ever-widening poverty gap plaguing the nation.

Addressing journalists ahead of the workers’ march, the Chairman of the Ogun State NLC, Comrade Hammed Ademola-Benco, clarified that the rally is a call for fair treatment of Nigerians, devoid of confrontational intentions towards the government.

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Ademola-Benco asserted, “This protest rally is a plea for the betterment of our nation’s citizens. The reality is stark: many Nigerians are suffering, grappling with hunger, while the cost of basic necessities has skyrocketed. Promised wage increases remain unfulfilled by several states, and the government cannot turn a blind eye to this plight. We implore the government to heed our calls and prioritize the well-being of the people.”

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He further highlighted the active involvement of the 40 affiliate unions in Ogun State, all standing in solidarity to peacefully advocate for change.

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Adding his voice to the chorus of dissent, National Vice President of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Comrade Yinka Folarin, lamented the dashed hopes of a populace promised renewed prosperity by the current administration.

Folarin remarked, “It’s disheartening that a government elected on the promise of a brighter future for Nigerians has only deepened the woes of the common man. Insecurity exacerbates food scarcity and inflated prices, yet the government’s commitment to alleviating these burdens remains lackluster. Nigerians did not vote for hardship; they voted for change, and change is what they rightfully demand.”

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Amidst the clamor for justice and relief, security agencies such as the police, DSS, and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps stand watch, ensuring that the rally proceeds peacefully without disruption.

As the voices of protest reverberate through the streets, the nation waits in anticipation for the outcome of this resolute display of solidarity.

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Stay tuned for updates on the unfolding developments…

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