The fear of dying prompted me to reassess my decision to undergo BBL surgery, admits Tolanibaj

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During the latest episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, co-hosted by Tolanibaj and Moet Abebe, the former Big Brother Naija reality star opened up about her decision to forgo a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure due to concerns about her health.

Tolanibaj candidly revealed that the fear of potential risks associated with the surgery, including the possibility of death, led her to rethink her initial desire for the procedure. Despite contemplating the cosmetic enhancement to improve her appearance, she ultimately prioritized her well-being over aesthetic alterations.

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Expressing her thoughts on the matter, Tolanibaj shared, “There was a time I wanted to do BBL but I was scared of dying. I said, ‘If my enemy should die right now is it going to be because I went under the knife? Does that makes sense?’ I really tried to convince myself. I was like, ‘Okay, I would do bum bum but is it truly because of me or because I want to attract more men?’”

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In response, Moet echoed similar sentiments, expressing fatigue with the prevalent trend of exaggerated proportions resulting from poorly executed BBLs. She emphasized the importance of choosing reputable surgeons and investing in quality procedures rather than opting for cheap alternatives.

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Moet remarked, “To be honest, I’m tired of seeing SpongeBobs, a lot of girls that look like ants with big bum bums and skinny legs.”

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Adding to the discussion, Tolanibaj emphasized that undergoing a BBL should be a well-considered decision made for oneself, not driven by societal pressures or superficial motives. She advised individuals considering the procedure to prioritize safety and quality, urging them not to compromise on their health in pursuit of cosmetic enhancements.

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