Tech for Change: Selfless Hearts Foundation Awards Scholarships to Over 300 Youths

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In a groundbreaking move to advance tech education, the Selfless Hearts Foundation has awarded full-ride scholarships to over 300 young participants through its transformative program, the Selfless Techathon 1.0.

“The Selfless Techathon 1.0 is not just a series of classes; it is a transformative journey designed to empower aspiring technologists,” said Miss Chelsea Jegede, Founder of the Selfless Hearts Foundation. The program kicked off with an inspiring launch event at the Wave Beach Hall on April 20, 2024, where hundreds of eager participants gathered to embark on a shared quest for knowledge.

The initiative provides comprehensive training in UI/UX design, data analytics, web development, branding, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, product design, and tech motivation. From the insightful orientation to electrifying networking sessions, every moment was imbued with a sense of purpose and possibility. Participants from diverse backgrounds came together, united by a common goal — to harness the power of technology to create meaningful solutions.

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One of the highlights of the Techathon launch was the panel session, a kaleidoscope of insights where industry titans shared their wisdom. Participants had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with industry experts, including the Group CEO of Wakanow, Mr. Bayo Adedeji, who is also a headline sponsor. “These sessions ignited sparks of inspiration in every attendee, offering invaluable perspectives on the future of technology and innovation,” Jegede noted.

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Following the launch, participants engaged in virtual classes held every weekend, ensuring flexible learning schedules. To optimize the learning experience, a physical workshop is held once a month, providing an opportunity for hands-on learning, reviews, special classes, tech motivation, collaboration, and networking.

“These sessions culminate in a hackathon, a thrilling competition where participants form teams to develop tech-based solutions,” Jegede explained. “Top performers will be rewarded with internships and exclusive master classes, propelling them further on their professional journey and growth.”

The Selfless Techathon 1.0 stands as one of the most significant tech education initiatives to date, with overwhelmingly positive responses from participants. Such acts of empowerment should be encouraged and supported by individuals and organizations alike. There is a clarion call for sponsors and collaborators to join this noble cause, ensuring that the torch of innovation and education continues to burn brightly.

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“In a world increasingly driven by technology, the Selfless Techathon 1.0 is not just a program; it is a beacon of hope and opportunity, nurturing the next generation of tech leaders,” Jegede concluded.

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