Sharon Ooja playfully challenges Sabinus to devour 25 chicken wings in just 25 seconds as a prerequisite for dating him

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Actress Sharon Ooja has taken playful matchmaking to a whole new level by daring skit maker Sabinus to complete a series of hilarious challenges if he wants to win her heart.

During a recent matchmaking show on Instagram hosted by actor Lege Miami, Sabinus expressed his desire to pursue a romantic relationship with Sharon Ooja before Valentine’s Day. However, Sharon, known for her wit and charm, didn’t let the opportunity pass without adding a twist of her own.

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In response to Sabinus’s declaration, Sharon outlined two entertaining conditions to test his commitment. Firstly, she challenged Sabinus to showcase his love by creating a video of himself hanging from a billboard in bustling Lagos.

Upon Sabinus’s agreement to the daring task, Sharon unveiled her second challenge – a hilarious feat of gastronomic prowess. She dared Sabinus to devour 25 spicy chicken wings within a mere 25 seconds, putting his eating skills to the ultimate test.

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True to his word, Sabinus completed the first challenge, hanging precariously from a billboard, as Sharon playfully reminded him of the impending chicken wing challenge.

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Sharing the amusing video on her Instagram account, Sharon couldn’t resist poking fun at Sabinus’s antics as he tackled the spicy wings with gusto. Amidst Sabinus’s cries and laughter, Sharon jokingly questioned his resolve, teasingly asking where the evidence of his wing-eating feat was.

With Sharon Ooja’s witty challenges and Sabinus’s entertaining antics, the playful pursuit of love has never been more entertaining.

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