Segun Olatunji, a former PUNCH reporter, was kidnapped by unknown gunmen following the publication of contentious news articles

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Segun Olatunji, the esteemed Editor of FirstNews newspaper, was forcefully taken from his residence in the vibrant neighborhood of Iyana Odo, Abule Egba, Lagos State. The incident, which occurred on a Friday evening, saw Mr. Olatunji being abducted by a group of armed men suspected to be soldiers.

According to reports from the management of the online newspaper, the abduction seems to be linked to several controversial articles penned by Olatunji. Notably, one of these reports, titled “Revealed: ‘Defence Chief running office like family business – Public Interest Lawyers,'” shed light on governance practices. Another article, titled “EXCLUSIVE: How contractor, company stole N100bn, laundered funds for top govt officials – Investigation,” which has since been removed, delved into financial malfeasance within government circles.

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Olatunji’s wife recounted the terrifying ordeal, stating that approximately ten armed individuals, some in military attire and others in plain clothes, descended upon their home shortly after 6 pm. These assailants swiftly seized her husband’s phone before forcibly taking him away in a van without providing any explanation or legal justification for their actions.

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Expressing deep concern over the situation, Publisher of FirstNews, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, criticized the manner in which Olatunji was apprehended, likening it to tactics reminiscent of authoritarian regimes. He emphasized the importance of upholding press freedom and condemned any actions that undermine journalistic integrity and the rule of law.

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The abduction of Segun Olatunji has sent shockwaves through the journalistic community, sparking conversations about the need to protect journalists and safeguard their fundamental rights in the face of intimidation and coercion.

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