Reasons Why I am Unfazed by the Threat of Kidnapping or Death – Oluwo

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Oba AbdulRosheed Akanbi, the revered Oluwo of Iwo, made a bold declaration at his palace in Osun State, dismissing any notion of being a target for kidnapping or assassination. Addressing journalists, he emphasized that his safety is under the divine protection of God, not ancient deities or gods, firmly asserting his confidence in divine safeguarding.

Against the backdrop of recent attacks on traditional rulers by kidnappers, Oba Akanbi stressed the need for a paradigm shift in the approach to security among traditional institutions in the south-west. He urged fellow monarchs to redirect their reliance from ancient gods to the Almighty, emphasizing that as representatives of God on earth, they should seek refuge in divine providence.

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Asserting his unwavering faith in God’s protection, Oba Akanbi issued a resolute message to would-be perpetrators, confidently declaring his immunity to kidnapping or assassination attempts. He urged his colleagues to follow suit, placing their trust solely in the Almighty for safety and security.

In addition to addressing security concerns, Oba Akanbi voiced his concerns over the prevailing economic challenges facing Nigerians. He called upon citizens to hold their governors and lawmakers accountable for the hardships endured, urging the government to implement stringent measures, including capital punishment for corruption, to combat the scourge effectively.

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Expressing dismay over the disparity between government revenue and the worsening living conditions of the populace, Oba Akanbi called for transparency and accountability in governance. With a firm stance against corruption and a steadfast reliance on divine protection, the Oluwo of Iwo continues to lead by example, advocating for the welfare and well-being of his people.

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