Protesters Flood Jos Streets, Urging Relief from Hardship and Security Crisis

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Scores of protesters, spearheaded by the Nigerian Labour Congress, took to the streets of Jos, the bustling capital of Plateau State, on Tuesday, making their voices heard amidst the cacophony of economic woes and security concerns plaguing the nation.

Gathering at the Secretariat Flyover bridge, the protesters bemoaned the severe economic hardship and escalating insecurity gripping not only Plateau State but also other regions of Nigeria.

With hearts heavy and spirits weary, the protesters implored the Federal Government to take swift action to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians and quell the rising tide of insecurity engulfing the nation.

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Eugene Mangji, the stalwart leader of the NLC in the state, led the charge, expressing the collective discontent of the people. “We are discontented, and rightfully so. Nigerians are grappling with a dire situation that has inflicted untold suffering since the removal of the oil subsidy,” Mangji articulated passionately.

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Jos Protesters

He continued, highlighting the rapid deterioration in living conditions: “What commenced as a mere inconvenience soon snowballed into an unprecedented surge in petrol prices, skyrocketing from N197 to over N700. The ripple effect has driven the exchange rate to nearly N2,000 per dollar, sending shockwaves through the economy and pushing prices of essential goods and services beyond the grasp of ordinary citizens.”

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YEPS reports that, Mangji underscored the universality of the distress, emphasizing that even students in higher education are bearing the brunt of the economic turmoil. “The plight of Nigerians is dire, and as advocates for the working class, we demand urgent intervention from the Federal Government to quash this crisis and tackle the escalating security challenges before they spiral out of control,” he urged passionately.

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As the protest unfolded, a heavy contingent of police officers and other security personnel maintained a vigilant watch, ensuring that the demonstration proceeded peacefully without any breach of law and order.

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