Phyna advises women to exit relationships that do not have the potential to culminate in marriage within three years

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Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, renowned as Phyna from the reality TV scene, is no stranger to stirring the pot with her bold advice. In her latest podcast episode, “Spill With Phyna,” she dropped some pearls of wisdom, particularly aimed at single ladies navigating the tumultuous waters of courtship.

Phyna wasted no time in cutting to the chase, urging women not to linger too long in courtships devoid of matrimonial prospects. She advocated for a strict three-year deadline, emphasizing that any relationship failing to culminate in marriage within this timeframe should be promptly shown the exit door.

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The reality TV star shared her own poignant tale, recounting a heart-wrenching saga of being strung along by an ex-boyfriend for a whopping 12 years, all under the guise of impending nuptials. According to Phyna, this deceptive tactic is not an isolated incident but a prevalent issue, particularly rampant in her native Edo State.

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In her candid discourse, Phyna unmasked the grim reality of men masquerading behind romantic facades, weaving elaborate webs of false promises to keep their partners tethered without any genuine intention of marriage.

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She minced no words in her advice, delivering a stark ultimatum to women: if a man fails to set a marriage trajectory within three years, it’s time to cut ties and move on. This blunt counsel echoes her own personal journey, serving as a cautionary tale for others embroiled in similar predicaments.

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Phyna’s message serves as a rallying cry for women to reclaim their agency in matters of the heart, refusing to be ensnared in protracted courtships devoid of substance. Her candid revelations shed light on a pervasive issue, sparking conversations and empowering women to navigate the complexities of love with clarity and conviction.

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