Over the course of five years, FCT NCoS reported that 25,679 individuals were sentenced to non-custodial services

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The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) revealed a significant milestone on Tuesday, disclosing that a total of 25,679 inmates in the Federal Capital Territory have been sentenced to non-custodial services over the past five years.

This achievement stems from the groundbreaking introduction of the non-custodial component into the NCoS operations, as mandated by the NCoS Act of 2019. This act established the Nigerian non-custodial service, empowering it with functions such as parole, probation, community service, restorative justice measures, and other non-custodial interventions.

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The non-custodial service directorate operates across the six Area Councils of the FCT, implementing measures decided by competent courts of jurisdiction.

According to Adamu Duza, the spokesperson for the NCoS in the FCT Command, “The total offenders convicted to non-custodial services from 2019 till date is 25,679.” Duza highlighted the crucial role played by non-custodial services, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when over 21,000 offenders were supervised in the FCT alone. He emphasized that this approach helped prevent overcrowding in correctional facilities and mitigated potential health risks.

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However, Duza expressed concerns about the lack of cooperation with the non-custodial service and the public’s stigmatization of offenders despite their rehabilitation efforts.

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In response to these challenges, Duza called for robust support from government agencies, community leaders, religious figures, and other stakeholders to ensure the effective operation of the NCoS non-custodial service, thereby contributing to the safety and well-being of Nigeria as a whole.

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