Omah Lay stirs controversy with lively dance alongside another man’s partner at concert, igniting a flurry of reactions

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Omah Lay, the sensational singer, has set social media abuzz with reactions after a video surfaced showing him engaging in a seductive dance with a woman who attended his concert alongside her purported boyfriend.

The clip capturing Omah Lay’s steamy onstage dance with the woman at his London concert quickly went viral across the internet.

During his performance, Omah Lay extended an invitation to the woman to join him onstage, where they danced intimately to the rhythm of his hit single ‘Bend You’. The woman’s boyfriend, visibly taken aback by his partner’s bold move, watched in disbelief.

In a subsequent video, the disconcerted man could be seen departing from the concert venue solo, leaving behind the scene that unfolded onstage.

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The video sparked a flurry of reactions from users on X, with many expressing their thoughts on the matter.

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