NLC Protesters Rally Against Economic Strain in Kwara and Kaduna

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In a bold display of discontent, civil servants in Kwara and Kaduna States have taken to the streets of Ilorin and along Independent Way in Kaduna, respectively, to vocalize their grievances concerning the prevailing economic adversities gripping the nation.

Amidst a sea of demonstrators, workers, in their multitudes, brandish placards and banners adorned with a myriad of inscriptions, their fervent chants echoing through the thoroughfares as they make their voices heard.

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Undeterred by governmental admonitions, the protesters resolutely affirm their right to express dissatisfaction with the dire economic circumstances prevailing in the country.

Their protest is rooted in the perceived failure of the government to honor agreements forged between the parties on October 2, 2023, following the contentious removal of fuel subsidies.

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This mobilization of workers follows the expiration of a 14-day ultimatum issued to the Federal Government to take decisive action against the pervasive hardships plaguing the populace.

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The deadlock reached in a Monday night meeting between the federal government and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has only served to embolden the union, reaffirming their resolve to initiate the protest and amplify their demands for change.

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