Ngozi Ezeonu dismisses death rumors, assures she is alive and in good health

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Nollywood Actress Ngozi Ezeonu has firmly refuted reports of her demise, clarifying that she is alive and well. The 58-year-old caused concern among her 1.6 million Instagram followers when she shared a photo of a burning candle with the caption “A rare gem is gone” on Saturday.

Subsequent media reports falsely claimed her death, with confirmation from her son adding to the misinformation. However, Ngozi Ezeonu took to Instagram on Tuesday to explain that the post was a tribute to a dear friend she had lost.

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In a follow-up video on Wednesday, the Glamour Girls star dismissed the death reports and emphasized her vitality. She criticized bloggers for their inaccurate reporting, emphasizing that the candle post was meant to honor her deceased friend.

Expressing her distress over the situation, Ngozi urged responsible journalism, advising against spreading unconfirmed news. She underscored the need for understanding and goodwill in the new year, questioning why anyone would choose to harm others for the sake of gaining followers.

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