Manager Reveals Mr Ibu’s Remarkable Act of Reconciliation Between Two Warring Tribes in Ghana

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Dominic Nwuzor, the manager of the late iconic actor John Okafor, famously known as Mr Ibu, highlighted the global impact of the beloved entertainer beyond Nigeria’s borders.

Speaking to NAN in Abuja on Sunday, Mr Nwuzor, the CEO of Don Singles International (DSI), emphasized how Mr Ibu’s talent and popularity transcended boundaries, bringing joy and fostering reconciliation across the African continent.

“I vividly recall an instance where two conflicting tribes in Ghana found common ground through John’s performance, leading to their reconciliation,” he recounted. “In recognition of his efforts, he was honored with a chieftaincy title as the ‘Malangula I of Tamale Land,’ symbolizing the peacemaker, while I was named the ‘Ngulala,’ representing the voice of the peacemaker.”

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Nwuzor recounted another touching moment in Botswana when Mr Ibu proudly waved the Nigerian flag upon arrival, showcasing his patriotism and countering negative stereotypes about Nigeria prevalent at the time.

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“He was a figure who brought laughter to Africans and was revered as a leader of the people throughout the continent,” Nwuzor added.

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Reflecting on their professional journey, Nwuzor revealed that he signed Mr Ibu in 2004, focusing initially on international engagements while allowing the actor to handle Nigerian movie projects independently.

“As for international endeavors, I liaised with promoters to ensure the necessary arrangements were in place,” Nwuzor explained.

In light of Mr Ibu’s passing on March 2 at the age of 63, Nwuzor called on the Federal Government to immortalize the actor and confer upon him a posthumous national honor for his significant contributions in enhancing Nigeria’s global image through talent and humor.

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Mr Ibu’s legacy lives on, resonating with audiences worldwide even after his untimely demise.

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