Female soldier Ruth Ogunleye publicly accuses senior officers of mistreatment, claiming it stems from her rejection of unwanted sexual advances.

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A TikTok user with the handle @Ogunleyeruthsavage1, who identifies as a female soldier named Ruth Ogunleye, has come forward with serious allegations, including sexual harassment, against senior officers in the Nigerian Army. In a video posted on the social media platform, she specifically named Col. IB Abdulkareem, Col. GS Ogor, and Brig. Gen. IB Solebo as individuals responsible for her ordeal.

According to Ogunleye, Col. IB Abdulkareem allegedly made repeated attempts to assault her, forcibly administered injections against her will, forcibly removed her from her residence, and confined her in a psychiatric hospital for several months. She further claimed that the officer obstructed her career advancement by denying her promotion courses due to her alleged rejection of his advances.

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Ogunleye recounted her experience, stating that she was posted to Cantonment Medical Centre, Ojo, in 2022, where she encountered Col. IB Abdulkareem. She alleges that he requested sexual favors from her, and upon her refusal, he became a constant threat to her military career. She provided details of intimidation tactics, including forced injections and false accusations of mental illness.

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In addition, Ogunleye claimed that Abdulkareem froze her bank account for a year, resulting in a lack of salary since February of the previous year. She appealed for support from Nigerians and revealed that her father had tried to intervene, but Abdulkareem allegedly told him to relay the message to her to “Obey the last command,” which, according to Ogunleye, was for her to submit to the colonel’s sexual advances.

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The Nigerian Army responded through its spokesman, Maj. Gen. Nwachukwu Onyema, stating that the case would be thoroughly investigated. Onyema criticized Ogunleye for not following the proper procedure for seeking redress. He emphasized the army’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and morals of its personnel, reassuring the public that appropriate actions would be taken based on the investigation’s findings. The spokesman urged the public to refrain from making hasty judgments and affirmed the army’s dedication to serving the nation with honor and integrity.

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