3,110 pilgrims from Kano arrive in Makkah for the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage

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For the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage, a total of 3,110 pilgrims from Kano State have touched down in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, marking the beginning of their spiritual journey. Welcoming them were officials from both the Nigeria National Hajj Commission and the Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board.

According to Ibrahim Shuaibu, the spokesperson for the Deputy Governor and Head of the Media Team for Kano State pilgrims, the contingent includes both government-sponsored and privately sponsored individuals. In a statement to The Punch on Saturday, Ibrahim emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and order during their stay in the holy city, as advised by the board officials in Makkah.

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During their time in Makkah, the pilgrims will partake in various sacred rituals, such as circumambulating the Kaaba, offering prayers at the Grand Mosque, and performing animal sacrifices. The Hajj pilgrimage holds significant importance in Islam, being one of the five pillars of the faith and a lifelong obligation for Muslims who possess the physical and financial means to undertake it.

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