Emma OMG Reveals It Took Him a Year to Gather the Courage to Approach His Wife

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Gospel singer and comedian Emma OMG revealed on Tuesday that it took him an entire year to muster the courage to approach his wife, Yetunde. Celebrating the birth of their second child after a six-year gap, Emma shared the heartfelt journey on Instagram.

In his post, he reflected, “I sincerely didn’t think I stood a chance at all with this babe… I just knew she was stuck in my head, and I couldn’t help but find a way to see or talk to her on a daily basis. It took a whole year; in fact, I was about to give up, but all I can say is JESUS DID IT! Because, sincerely, I wouldn’t have counted myself worthy of her… at all! So having to call and have her as my wife for the rest of my life is what I will never be able to thank God enough for (gbese ope mi po gan!).

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Expressing his gratitude for the birth of his two daughters, Emma continued, “As if that was not enough, this same Jesus Christ now decided to give me not one, but two beautiful and amazing daughters! Choi, you don’t want to know what my quiet time is like sometimes… Just so filled with tears (like I will literally scatter mouth) of so much gratitude to God. I am so grateful!”

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In a final encouraging note, Emma urged others not to let self-doubt or low self-esteem prevent them from pursuing love. He advised, “Just go and talk to that sister na!!! The worst thing you will get is a N+”no” and that is not the end of the world.”

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Emma OMG and Yetunde tied the knot in November 2016.

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