Debola Williams delivers a compelling rendition of Elumelu’s address at Harvard Business School

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Debola Williams

Debola Williams, the dynamic chief executive officer of RED | For Africa, recently paid homage to businessman Tony Elumelu’s impactful speech delivered at Harvard Business School. Elumelu’s visit to the prestigious institution served as a platform to showcase the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) as a pioneering case study in philanthropy-driven empowerment.

Recapturing the essence of Elumelu’s address, Williams stood by the Harvard Business School board, echoing sentiments of nostalgia and pride in witnessing the adoption of a Nigerian case study at such a renowned academic institution. Sharing the recreated speech on Instagram, Williams celebrated the global recognition garnered by the Tony Elumelu Foundation, hailing its transformative impact and applauding Elumelu’s visionary leadership.

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The groundbreaking case study, unveiled before a cohort of graduate students in Boston, Massachusetts, delved into the innovative strategies and profound initiatives of the Tony Elumelu Foundation. It illuminated how strategic philanthropy, exemplified by TEF, is catalyzing positive change and fostering economic empowerment across countries and communities within Africa.

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The Harvard Business School session served as a pivotal platform for dialogue, inviting thought leaders, scholars, and business enthusiasts to delve into the pivotal role of philanthropy in shaping sustainable and inclusive economies. Through the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, launched in 2015, over 1.5 million young Africans have been equipped with essential skills through TEFConnect, the digital hub, while $100 million has been disbursed to 20,000 ambitious young individuals. These entrepreneurs have collectively generated over 400,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities, underscoring the tangible impact of TEF’s initiatives in driving socio-economic growth across the continent.

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