Controversy Erupts as Gospel Singer Segun Obe Criticizes Ebuka Songs’ Latest Single

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Segun Obe

Gospel singer and vocal coach Segun Obe has expressed his disapproval of his colleague Ebuka Songs’ latest single, “New Generation,” suggesting that it lacks spiritual depth.

Released in January 2024, the song features gospel artist Moses Bliss and has stirred mixed reactions within the Christian community. Some listeners feel that the track, with lyrics like “Fine boys wey love Jesus,” lacks the spiritual essence expected of gospel music and incorporates secular elements.

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In an Instagram post on Friday, Segun Obe reposted a statement criticizing the shift away from traditional gospel themes like sacrifice, the cross, and spiritual transformation towards more worldly themes like physical appearance.

The statement prompted various reactions, with some echoing Segun Obe’s sentiments and others offering counterarguments. One commenter suggested that the use of terms like “fine boys and fine girls” in the song may be an attempt to connect with younger audiences who might otherwise perceive Christianity as uncool.

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However, others defended Ebuka Songs, highlighting the importance of reaching diverse audiences with the gospel message, even if it means employing contemporary language and themes.

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In the midst of the debate, Sheddy of the Good Life criticized Segun Obe’s apparent hypocrisy, pointing out that he coaches artists to perform secular songs while criticizing gospel singers like Ebuka Songs for their creative choices.

The discussion reflects ongoing tensions within the gospel music community regarding the balance between traditional spiritual content and modern cultural relevance.

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