Amusing responses ensue as Pete Edochie humorously gestures the sign of the cross following his greeting with Kanayo O. Kanayo

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Fans of the iconic movie icon Pete Edochie have been buzzing over a video showing the veteran actor making the sign of the cross after shaking hands with his colleague Kanayo O. Kanayo.

The 76-year-old legend, along with his son Linc Edochie, recently welcomed Kanayo into their home in Enugu, creating a warm and memorable moment between the two actors.

Kanayo shared a video of their interaction on Instagram, where they exchanged pleasantries. However, it was Pete’s swift gesture of making the sign of the cross after greeting Kanayo that caught the attention of many fans.

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In the comments section of the post, fans couldn’t resist cracking jokes about Pete’s action and its possible significance:

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“Baba quickly did the sign of the cross before KOK decides to use it for a ritual later,” quipped Tunde Evra.

“Lol, Pa Edochie did the sign of the cross after shaking hands with Kanayo,” added Joan Adai.

“Wait a minute, Pete shook your hand and then did the sign of the cross, meaning he even fears your power,” joked Melano.

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“Baba made the sign of the cross; anyone who doesn’t fear SACRIFICE is inviting doom,” remarked Steve Tanyi.

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“Why did the big Daddy make the sign of the cross after shaking hands with Uncle KOK?” pondered Isah Menyor.

“Baba making the sign of the cross, he even fears the ‘Nna Anyi Sacrifice’ sign,” teased Andre.

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“Even a lion doesn’t trust KOK after greeting him; it used the cross to cover itself,” chimed in Empire Boss.

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Despite the humorous interpretations, Kanayo, often referred to as ‘Nna Anyi Sacrifice’, clarified in a 2023 interview with Eastern Eye that his portrayal of ritualistic characters in movies does not reflect his real-life persona.

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