Breaking News: Nollywood Icon, Mr Ibu, Passes Away at 62

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The curtain falls on the vibrant life of John Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu, as he departs this world at the age of 62. The sad news was confirmed by Emeka Rollas Ejezie, the esteemed national president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, on a somber Saturday evening.

Tragically, Mr Ibu succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest, leaving behind a legacy that will forever illuminate the silver screen. Emeka Rollas Ejezie shared the heart-wrenching update via an Instagram post, expressing profound sorrow over the loss of this beloved talent.

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Prior to his untimely passing, Mr Ibu valiantly battled health challenges, striving for recovery against all odds. His relentless spirit was evident as he publicly appealed for financial assistance to alleviate the burden of mounting medical expenses. Last November, his family revealed the painful decision to amputate one of his legs, a desperate measure taken in a bid to prolong his precious life.

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While the physical presence of Mr Ibu may have departed, his indomitable spirit and memorable performances will forever echo in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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