Yemi Alade takes the stage during the opening ceremony of AFCON

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At the opening ceremony of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), celebrated singer Yemi Alade took the stage to deliver a mesmerizing performance. The 34-year-old artist captivated the audience with her rendition of the official AFCON soundtrack during the event held on Saturday, a performance she had announced just two days prior.

Yemi Alade shared glimpses of the behind-the-scenes moments from her remarkable performance. Expressing her excitement, she revealed that performing at a stadium for football ceremonies surrounded by hundreds of dancers and millions of people had been a dream since 2016. Despite numerous calls over the years during football championship preparations, none had materialized until now.


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In a reflective post about the journey, Yemi Alade emphasized the power of prayer and speaking one’s desires into existence. She acknowledged the challenges she faced in the past, wondering if her team was inadvertently deterring opportunities. However, she chose to let them do their job, and seven years later, her dream of performing at AFCON has become a reality.

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In a heartfelt message, she thanked her team and attributed the achievement to divine guidance, stating, “It’s indeed an honour, a dream come true, and it’s just the beginning!! God bless my team and most especially Jehovah; the captain of my ship that never fails. Keep praying and working towards your goal. NA WHO STOP E DEY STOP FOR!! Na mouth wey dey open dey chop.”

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