Tony Tetuila and Eddy Remedy have confronted Eedris Abdulkareem regarding the dissolution of the Remedies music group

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Musicians Eddy Remedy and Tony Tetuila have refuted claims made by their former Remedies group mate, Eedris Abdulkareem, regarding the circumstances surrounding their split.

In a recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, Abdulkareem asserted that he and Eddy Remedy were the original members of the group, and that Tony Tetuila was only added out of sympathy after a chance encounter at a show in Ilorin, Kwara State.

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However, Eddy Remedy offered a different perspective in an interview with Daddy Freeze, revealing that Tony Tetuila joined the group at his apartment in Lagos, where Abdulkareem had brought him. Eddy clarified that he had initially invited Abdulkareem to join, and Abdulkareem subsequently introduced Tetuila to the group. Eddy further disclosed that Abdulkareem had allegedly taken money from Tetuila’s parents under the guise of promoting their son’s career.

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Tony Tetuila echoed Eddy’s sentiments, alleging that Abdulkareem and Eddy conspired to oust him from the group, despite his mother being the original financial backer. Tetuila expressed gratitude to Daddy Showkey and Blackface for their support in launching his solo career.

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Responding to accusations of financial misconduct, Eddy Remedy denied any knowledge of Abdulkareem’s dealings with Tetuila’s family, asserting that the money he used to support the group came from his own parents, not from Tetuila’s mother as Abdulkareem had claimed.

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The conflicting narratives shed light on the complexities of group dynamics and personal ambitions within the music industry, underscoring the challenges and controversies that can arise in collaborative ventures.

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