The reason behind my decision to refrain from attending church for two years – Juliana Olayode

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Actress Juliana Olayode recently shared on her Instagram story that she made a commitment not to attend church for two years. The 28-year-old disclosed that she eventually broke this vow and returned to church on January 1, 2023. Initially choosing a church called ABC Church (a fictional name), she explained that her decision was influenced by the pastor’s consistent check-ins during her period away from church.

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After attending ABC Church for about two months, Olayode expressed feeling unsettled. Seeking guidance, she prayed with a friend and explored other churches, yet she couldn’t find a place that felt right. In her post, she encouraged people not to hastily judge those moving between churches, emphasizing that some are genuinely searching for their spiritual home.

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Olayode highlighted the importance of finding the right church, stating that each person has a unique connection and purpose in a particular congregation. She emphasized that individuals may not experience certain truths, depths, knowledge, or grace until they discover their own church. The actress, known for organizing Christian events and sharing occasional prayers on Instagram, concluded her post with these insights.

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