Seyi Tinubu echoes his father’s message: “Let’s withstand present challenges for future rewards”

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Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Bola Tinubu, took to Instagram on Monday to rally Nigerians to have faith in his father’s ability to steer the nation towards prosperity.

In his post, Seyi echoed his father’s sentiments regarding the hardships faced by Nigerians, acknowledging the widespread frustration caused by economic challenges and currency devaluation.

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Employing a series of hashtags, Seyi urged the public to trust in Tinubu’s leadership and emphasized the need for patience as his father works towards resolving the country’s issues.

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Among the hashtags used were messages like “Have Faith in Him,” “Our Generation will Yield the fruits of this hardship,” and “I Stand with Our President.”

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Quoting his father, Seyi reiterated Tinubu’s commitment to addressing the nation’s current struggles, acknowledging the lack of joy in witnessing citizens burdened with challenges that should have been alleviated long ago.

Despite Seyi’s appeal for trust in his father’s leadership, discontent continues to simmer across the country, evident in the recent protests erupting in various regions.

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Notably, on February 19, young demonstrators in Ibadan voiced their grievances, joining a growing chorus of dissent. Earlier in the month, similar protests unfolded in Minna, Niger State, underscoring the mounting frustration with the state of the economy.

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