Rita Edochie opts to forego birthday festivities in honor of Junior Pope

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Rita Edochie

Actress Rita Edochie has made a heartfelt decision to forego her birthday celebrations as a tribute to her late colleague, Junior Pope, who tragically passed away in a boat accident along with four others.

Junior Pope’s untimely demise on April 10 deeply saddened many, including Rita, who had planned to mark her 60th birthday on Tuesday. However, she chose to honor Junior Pope’s memory instead, dedicating her special day to him. Rita expressed her grief on Instagram, sharing memories of Junior Pope’s thoughtfulness on her birthdays in the past.

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In a poignant post, Rita reminisced about Junior Pope’s tradition of never missing her birthday, always reaching out with calls, messages, and social media posts. She had hoped for his familiar gestures on her birthday this year but was met with the harsh reality of his absence.

Moved by the loss, Rita declared her decision not to celebrate her birthday as she usually would. Instead, she shared a touching video of Junior Pope and his family, celebrating his life and legacy. Rita poured out her emotions, expressing disbelief at Junior Pope’s sudden departure and the void it has left.

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She dedicated her birthday to him, praying that God would use this day to bring comfort and healing to those affected by his loss, especially his grieving widow. Rita wished for strength and resilience for Junior Pope’s wife in raising their children, hoping that she would be spared from further hardships.

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In her emotional tribute, Rita expressed love and fondness for Junior Pope, vowing to cherish his memories forever. She ended her heartfelt message with a prayer for peace and acceptance, trusting in God’s plan despite the pain of losing Junior Pope.

Through her poignant words, Rita honored Junior Pope’s life and mourned his passing, finding solace in the belief that he will always live on in her heart.

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