Rahama Sadau opens up about her greatest apprehension upon transitioning to Nollywood following her ban from Kannywood

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Rahama Sadau

Actress Rahama Sadau has opened up about her apprehensions when transitioning from the Kannywood industry to Nollywood after facing a ban from the former.

Rahama’s journey into Nollywood began after she was expelled from the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria for appearing in a romantic music video alongside singer ClassiQ in 2016. Undeterred by the setback, she ventured into Nollywood, debuting in the acclaimed drama series “Sons of the Caliphate” and securing a role in “The American King,” directed by renowned filmmaker Jeta Amata.

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Reflecting on her transition in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, the 30-year-old actress confessed that navigating the shift from Kannywood to Nollywood was not without its challenges. She admitted that finding her footing in the new industry while staying true to herself was daunting.

“Coming from where I came from was not an easy journey, especially trying to balance being in Nollywood and still doing the movie I do,” Rahama shared. “It was challenging and unique, and I loved it. We just talked about our system.”

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Her primary concern, she revealed, was not simply transitioning to Nollywood but rather ensuring authenticity and finding her place in the industry as a Northern actress.

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However, despite her initial fears, Rahama’s career flourished in Nollywood. Since the ban was lifted in 2018 by then-Governor Abdullahi Ganduje through the Kano State Censorship Board, she has seen significant growth and success in her journey as an actress in the Nigerian film industry.

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