Prophet Oriyomi Remilekun tragically drowned during a Valentine’s Day gathering at Avista Beach in Lagos

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The family of Prophet Oriyomi Remilekun is reeling from the tragic loss of their loved one after he drowned during a beach hangout in the vibrant Ajah area of Lagos State.

Prophet Oriyomi had led a group of enthusiastic youths from his white garment church in Gbagada to Avista Beach on February 17 to celebrate Valentine’s Day, according to reports from PUNCH Metro.

However, as the beach picnic drew to a close, Prophet Oriyomi was nowhere to be found, leaving his companions deeply concerned. Despite extensive efforts to locate him, including a thorough search of the beach, their attempts were fruitless.

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A source close to the incident revealed that the group, consisting of 16 individuals, initially enjoyed festivities at a short-term rental apartment near the resort before transitioning to the beach later in the evening.

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Alarming circumstances unfolded when it was discovered that Prophet Oriyomi had vanished from the group. His girlfriend, who had been entrusted with his phone, disclosed that he had ventured into the water with the intention of returning shortly. However, he never resurfaced.

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Efforts to locate Prophet Oriyomi persisted into the following day, with no success. The matter was subsequently reported to the authorities at Ogombo Police Station.

Tragically, it was later revealed that Prophet Oriyomi’s lifeless body had washed ashore at Baracuda Beach Resort, a separate beach within the community, the following Monday.

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Questions and speculation arose about the handling of the situation, with some expressing bewilderment over the delayed alarm raised by the group and their decision to return home on the night of the incident.

As the community mourns the untimely loss of Prophet Oriyomi Remilekun, his family and loved ones are left grappling with the devastating reality of his sudden departure.

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