Premier League footballer Awoniyi earns praise for clearing plates after hosting guests

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Nottingham Forest striker, Taiwo Awoniyi

A heartwarming tale unfolded when UK-based Nigerian socialite and renowned TikToker, Taofik Olanrewaju, offered a glimpse into the hospitality of Nigerian footballer Taiwo Awoniyi after a match against Chelsea. Alongside Olanrewaju was the ever-popular Nigerian skit maker, Abdulgafar Ahmed Abiola, famously known as “Cute Abiola.”

Olanrewaju, whose TikTok handle is @Taf_Olans, shared a 43-second clip on Sunday capturing the moment. In the video, Awoniyi could be seen humbly tidying up the table after hosting his guests. Moved by the footballer’s down-to-earth demeanor, Olanrewaju, speaking in Yoruba, lavished praise on Awoniyi’s humility, contrasting it with the arrogance often displayed by those less accomplished.

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In another 32-second video also shared by @Taf_Olans on the same day, Olanrewaju and Cute Abiola were seen at the City Ground stadium during the match. Olanrewaju, in his characteristic style, urged Cute Abiola to greet fans watching the video, emphasizing their journey from Ilorin Afonja, Kwara State, to London.

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These videos not only showcased the camaraderie between Olanrewaju, Cute Abiola, and Awoniyi but also highlighted the genuine warmth and humility of the footballer, earning him admiration beyond the pitch.

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