NBA Urges Tinubu to Declare State of Emergency on Security

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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has urged President Bola Tinubu to take decisive action on the pervasive insecurity plaguing various parts of the nation.

During a news briefing in Abuja, NBA President, Mr. Yakubu Maikyau, SAN, emphasized the urgent need for a state of emergency to address the escalating security challenges across the country.

Maikyau stressed the necessity for a well-informed and inclusive intervention, underscoring the critical importance of transparency and public engagement in combating the prevailing security threats.

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Expressing concern over dwindling public confidence in the government’s ability to tackle insecurity, Maikyau highlighted the rampant criminal activities perpetrated by terrorists, bandits, and criminal gangs nationwide.

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He called for a holistic approach to security, tailored to address regional peculiarities while aligning with global best practices.

Moreover, Maikyau lamented the adverse impact of insecurity on the nation’s economy, citing skyrocketing prices of food items and disruptions to agricultural activities due to attacks on farmers.

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In light of these challenges, he urged the government to prioritize economic recovery efforts and provide clear strategies for revamping the economy.

Regarding the Enhanced Trade Investment agreement with the United Kingdom, Maikyau expressed reservations and pledged to challenge the decision if necessary, citing concerns over its potential negative impact on local businesses.

Addressing internal legal matters, Maikyau affirmed the NBA’s readiness to contest the registration of another legal body, reaffirming the association’s commitment to safeguarding the legal profession’s integrity.

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Maikyau revealed that he had conveyed these concerns to President Tinubu in a formal letter, expressing optimism for a positive response and favorable outcomes.

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In conclusion, Maikyau reiterated the NBA’s unwavering commitment to defending the rule of law and advocating for the welfare of Nigerians, both within the legal profession and beyond.

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