Mikaela Mayer criticizes what she perceives as an ‘unfair’ advantage for Natasha Jonas, stating, ‘She should reconsider stepping into the ring with that’

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Mikaela Mayer has voiced criticism against Natasha Jonas, her opponent in the upcoming IBF welterweight world title fight, accusing her of gaining an “unfair” advantage by wearing a men’s groin guard that allegedly covers too much of the target area. Mayer expressed her concern about the potential impact on body shots, emphasizing the significance of these blows in boxing.

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While Mayer believes that boxing regulations should be amended to address this issue, she acknowledges that any changes won’t take effect before their scheduled contest this weekend. She sees it as part of the ongoing evolution of women’s role in the sport and the need to clarify rules regarding protective equipment.

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Mayer, who lost her world titles in 2022, is fighting the reigning champion in Liverpool, Jonas’ hometown. Despite potential concerns about judging bias, Mayer is focused on her strategy for the fight, aiming to leave no room for doubt.

She also aspires to regain her champion status, hoping that it will provide her with more influence over certain aspects of the sport, such as competing in three-minute rounds like men do. Mayer acknowledges the gradual progress in shaping these details and anticipates having more leverage and impact once she holds the championship belts.

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