Kiekie confronts Wumi Toriola over significant concerns

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Actress and skit maker Kiekie found herself in a playful yet feisty exchange with her colleague Wumi Toriola over a Valentine’s Day message shared by Wumi.

Wumi took to her Instagram on Tuesday to share some tongue-in-cheek instructions on how to approach Valentine’s Day, reminding her followers to be considerate of singles. She humorously joked about needing a Valentine partner, adding a touch of light-heartedness to her message.

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Captioning her post with a witty remark about her quest for a Valentine, Wumi sparked laughter and banter among her followers, including Kiekie.

In the comment section, Kiekie couldn’t resist joining in on the fun, expressing mock outrage over Wumi’s post. With laughter emojis punctuating her words, Kiekie playfully teased her colleague about having “big issues” with her Valentine’s Day message.

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Wumi, quick to respond with equal humor, cheekily reminded Kiekie that the post also concerned her, adding to the lighthearted exchange between the two actresses.

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