Former lover of Fani-Kayode, Precious Chikwendu, sustains injuries in car accident that claims aide’s life

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Femi Fani-Kayode and ex-wife, Precious Chikwendu

Former beauty queen and actress Precious Chikwendu narrowly escaped a fatal car accident that tragically claimed the life of her aide. The ex-partner of former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, shared the harrowing ordeal on her Instagram, revealing that the accident occurred in Abuja on February 29, 2024.

The collision, which occurred at the traffic light on Kur Mohammed Avenue, directly in front of Taj Bank, left Chikwendu grappling with a mix of survivor’s guilt and profound loss for her beloved aide.

In a poignant reflection shared on social media, Chikwendu opened up about the emotional turmoil she has been enduring since the accident.

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“I’ve been struggling with survivor’s guilt for weeks now, finding it hard to communicate with others because I’ve been silently trying to comprehend why I walked away with minimal injuries while my companion did not. February 29th, 2024, remains a day shrouded in confusion for me, but I hold onto the hope that clarity will come in due time,” she expressed.

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Chikwendu recounted the horrifying details of the accident, emphasizing the reckless actions of the other driver involved. However, amidst the tragedy, she found solace in what she described as God’s mercy and a precious gift of life bestowed upon her.

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“I’ve mourned the loss of Sanusi, my dear aide, and cherished friend. I still find myself scanning my surroundings every day, hoping to catch a glimpse of him going about his usual tasks. He was more than just an aide; he was like a brother to me,” she lamented.

Chikwendu reminisced about Sanusi’s unwavering loyalty and gentle nature, recalling fond memories shared together. Despite the pain of his absence, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have known him and vowed to honor his memory.

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“While the pain of losing him weighs heavily on my heart, I am grateful for the lessons learned from this tragedy. I am thankful for every breath I take, even as I grapple with the uncertainty of life,” she concluded, leaning on her faith for healing and strength.

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