Dino Melaye: “I have no faith in Valentine’s Day”

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Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye, known for his outspoken nature, took to Instagram to express his skepticism about Valentine’s Day, stating that he doesn’t believe in the holiday. Despite his reservations, he acknowledged the gestures of love he received from friends, family, and loved ones on the occasion.

In an Instagram post accompanied by a video of a bouquet gifted to him, Melaye emphasized that while he may not subscribe to the concept of Valentine’s Day, he recognizes the reality of love and appreciates the heartfelt expressions he received.

Despite his public persona, Melaye keeps the details of his personal life relatively private. While he has several children, the identity of their mother remains undisclosed.

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In the political arena, Melaye faced defeat in the Kogi governorship poll in November 2023, running under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party. Despite his loss, he continues to be an influential figure in Nigerian politics, advocating for various causes and engaging with his supporters on social media.

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