Buhari States It Would Be Unjust to Replace Former CBN Emefiele Based on Unsubstantiated Claims

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On Tuesday, former President Muhammadu Buhari defended the naira redesign policy implemented by the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, stating that it contributed to cleaner elections in 2023. Buhari emphasized that removing Emefiele based on hearsay would be unfair and unjust, citing a lack of firm evidence against him during his tenure.

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The naira redesign policy, which led to a cash shortage in banks and ATMs before the 2023 elections, faced criticism from Nigerians. Buhari addressed the concerns, stating that the scarcity of money was not intended to punish Nigerians and that democracy allowed people to express their will.

Buhari defended his decision to retain Emefiele in office for eight years, asserting that only those with excessive wealth opposed the currency redesign strategy. He mentioned instances of significant amounts of money found with some individuals during the period.

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The former President highlighted his commitment to fairness, stating that he did not dismiss Emefiele over alleged presidential ambitions because there was no evidence presented to him. Buhari expressed awareness of the impact of unjust actions on individuals and emphasized the importance of evidence in making decisions.

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