Amidst Economic Hardship, PDP and LP Support NLC Protest; APC Expresses Opposition

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NLC Protesters

Two major opposition parties, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party, have thrown their support behind the Nigeria Labour Congress’s (NLC) two-day protest, echoing the sentiments of economic hardship and governmental insensitivity that have spurred the mass action.

In separate statements to source, representatives of the opposition parties underscored the palpable frustration among the populace, asserting that the NLC’s stance resonates with the enduring struggles faced by ordinary Nigerians. Abdullahi Ibrahim, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, emphasized the historical role of labor in championing the rights of workers, regardless of the ruling government. He highlighted the deteriorating economic conditions, stressing that the people’s grievances transcend political affiliations.

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Similarly, Yunusa Tanko, spokesperson for the Labour Party Campaign Organisation, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the people’s right to express discontent against policies perceived as anti-people. Tanko cited unfulfilled promises and systemic deficiencies, urging the NLC to expand its demands to encompass broader reforms, including constitutional and electoral reforms.

However, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) expressed apprehension about the potential for the protest to be hijacked, cautioning against actions that could destabilize the nation. Bala Ibrahim, the National Publicity Director of the APC, acknowledged the prevailing hardships but urged caution, citing ongoing governmental efforts to address the challenges. He highlighted President Bola Tinubu’s acknowledgment of the people’s plight and urged the NLC to reconsider its stance, emphasizing the need for constructive engagement rather than disruptive protests.

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While the opposition parties rally behind the NLC’s protest as a platform for voicing grievances, the ruling party advocates for prudence, seeking to avoid any escalation that could undermine national stability. As the nation grapples with economic turmoil, the clash of perspectives underscores the complexity of addressing systemic issues while maintaining social cohesion.

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