Actor Stephen Alajemba reveals how his facial appearance and stature led to women avoiding him

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In a candid revelation, veteran actor Stephen Alajemba, popularly known as Uwaezuoke, delved into his childhood experiences, recalling how he faced discrimination due to his physical appearance.

During a recent episode of the Yan Kontent Factory podcast, the 66-year-old Akidi star shared poignant memories of how he was treated differently by his community, particularly because of his body stature and facial features.

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Alajemba disclosed that his arrival into the world initially sparked excitement among his family and neighbors. However, their enthusiasm quickly turned to disappointment and avoidance upon seeing him, as many deemed his face unattractive.

He recounted how his mother, despite her anticipation, received no gifts or congratulatory visits, as people found excuses to avoid encountering him.

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The seasoned actor, who has made his mark in Igbo cinema, candidly admitted that his physical appearance often deterred women from showing interest in him.

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“Ladies would take one look at my face and stature and flee. No one seems to accept me, except Jesus,” Alajemba remarked, reflecting on the harsh realities of societal prejudice.

Despite facing rejection and ostracization, Alajemba has carved a niche for himself in the film industry, featuring in notable movies such as Okochi, Nurse Eliza, Ihe Onye Metalu, Akonauche, Akidi, and Uwaezuoke in Togo. His resilience and talent continue to shine through, transcending the limitations imposed by societal norms.

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