Seun Kuti subtly critiques AY Comedian in response to Bovi’s skit

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Afrobeats sensation Seun Kuti found humor in a recent skit by comedian Bovi, which has been making waves on social media. In the skit, Bovi humorously negotiates with kidnappers for the release of abducted Nigerian celebrities.

In the clip, Bovi offers hefty sums of money for the release of various celebrities but hilariously offers only N250k for Seun Kuti’s freedom.

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Reacting to the video during a recent Instagram live session, Seun Kuti laughed off the skit and jokingly teased Bovi, praising him as a genuinely funny person unlike another comedian he implied wasn’t as amusing.

“Oh, that Bovi skit, Bovi is just a character! Unlike that other guy who isn’t quite as entertaining. You know who I’m talking about… Dakun, wherever he is, he just doesn’t hit the mark,” Seun quipped.

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This light-hearted banter comes after Seun and comedian AY had a falling out in November 2023, sparked by Seun’s accusation that AY had insulted his daughter in one of his skits. Despite AY’s attempt at an apology, Seun remained unyielding in his stance.

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