Protest Launched by NLC Kicks Off in Abuja

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NLC President, Joe Ajaero, leads protest in Abuja. Credit: Nathaniel Shaibu

Amidst the backdrop of soaring living costs, inflationary pressures, insecurity, and widespread hardship, the Nigeria Labour Congress and affiliated unions have launched a robust protest in the heart of Abuja.

Kicking off from the Labour House Headquarters precisely at 9:36 am, the demonstration has drawn participation from a diverse array of unions, including the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria, the FCT Council, the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, and the Nigeria Union of Teachers, alongside the Construction Workers’ Union, among others.

Adding to the fervor of the national protest are prominent figures such as Ene Obi, former Nigeria Country Director of ActionAid, and Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, among other notable personalities.

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NLC protesters at the National Assembly.

Clutching placards emblazoned with poignant messages like “#End Poverty and Hunger. Support Local Industries#,” “Fix Local Refineries End Subsidy#,” and “#End Naira Devaluation; Tax the Rich Subsidise the poor#,” the demonstrators are resolutely voicing their grievances against the prevailing economic hardships plaguing the nation.

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Before the commencement of the protest, NLC President, Joe Ajaero, addressed journalists, underscoring the significance of the rally as a means for Nigerians to express their sentiments directly to the government. “We are here for a rally so that Mr President will know how Nigerians feel and know where it is pinching us,” Ajaero affirmed.

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This demonstration follows a series of protests across the country prompted by the mounting burden of living expenses faced by Nigerians. The NLC and the Trade Union Congress had previously issued a 14-day nationwide strike notice to the government on February 8, citing the failure to implement agreements reached on October 2 in response to the removal of the fuel subsidy.

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Should the Federal Government fail to fulfill its promises within the stipulated timeframe, the ensuing two-day nationwide protest will serve as a resounding expression of discontent from organized labor.

Although the Trade Union Congress clarified that it was not part of the initially planned protests, highlighting a lack of collective agreement, a last-minute meeting convened by the Federal Government to avert the impending demonstrations concluded without resolution.

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