Laide Bakare states that she would consider infidelity in response to her partner’s unfaithfulness

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Actress Laide Bakare candidly expressed her perspective on infidelity in a recent interview with Oyinmomo TV, revealing that if her partner were unfaithful, she wouldn’t hesitate to reciprocate.

In the interview, the movie star asserted that, in her belief, all men cheat. She advised against immediately leaving a relationship due to infidelity but suggested that cheating could be a permissible response if approached with maturity.

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Laide Bakare was asked directly if she would cheat on an unfaithful partner, to which she confidently replied, “I will. Of course, I will.”

The actress, who was previously married to Olumide Okunfulure, an American-based businessman, and shares a daughter named Simi with him, has since remarried. Her second marriage to Mutairu Orilowo has blessed her with two sons. Laide Bakare’s openness about her stance on infidelity adds a layer of complexity to the dynamics of relationships and fidelity.

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