Adeboye: No level of anointing can combat sexual temptation

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has openly shared his ongoing vigilance against sexual immorality, despite his long-standing ministry and spiritual anointing.

In a recent sermon at the RCCG Americas 1 Ministers & Workers Conference, which includes North, Central, and Caribbean regions, Pastor Adeboye emphasized the importance of remaining cautious against sexual temptation, regardless of one’s spiritual status. The theme of the conference was “The Glory Ahead.”

Adeboye, now advanced in age, admitted that he is more vigilant than ever to avoid any form of sexual temptation. He stated that no level of anointing can fully protect one from such challenges.

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“Somebody says, at your age, why are you still running? I run faster than before because the closer you get to the finishing point, the more careful you must be,” Adeboye shared during his sermon, which was also posted on his YouTube page.

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He cited the biblical example of Samson, who despite his great anointing, fell victim to sexual immorality, ultimately leading to his downfall.

“Does anointing turn your body to stone? Samson was anointed. Single-handedly, he killed a thousand soldiers. A woman finished him. I hope the boys are listening,” Adeboye warned.

He also addressed ministers of the gospel, cautioning them against the mistaken belief that their anointing alone can shield them from sexual temptations.

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Adeboye urged the youth to be wary of lust and to run away from anything that even remotely resembles sin. He shared practical advice for young men and women on how to handle potentially compromising situations.

“And you girls, when you see a boy smiling at you saying, ‘Where have you been all my life? It looks as if the sun has just come out.’ He is calling you sunshine. By the time he finishes with you, you won’t even know the difference between sunshine and sunset,” he warned.

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He stressed the importance of fleeing from youthful lust, noting that grace is not a substitute for obedience to God’s command to avoid such temptations.

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“The Bible says, flee youthful lust. It did not ask you to say grace would be sufficient. There is no grace for what God says you should run from. Maybe grace to run,” Adeboye concluded.

Pastor Adeboye’s candid sermon serves as a sobering reminder to all, regardless of their spiritual stature, to remain vigilant and proactive in guarding against the pitfalls of sexual immorality.

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